Top Catering Tips for a Corporate Event

Corporate events are usually not low-key events, whatever the reasons for having one. As such, companies holding functions in Melbourne can contract top-rated Melbourne catering services for instance when seeking to impress guests in a particular way. The type of delicacies available and how they are served plays a key role in how the entire event turns out in the end. It is thus important for a catering firm to follow a number of crucial tips to ensure having a successful event.


Taking the Guest Count

The first thing is to know exactly how many guests are expected at the event. This number correlates to the budget planned for the occasion. One requires getting a headcount if possible when fixing the budget. Doing this facilitates the host to fix the venue appropriately and even know how to arrange the menu. Taking the headcount is not an end in itself, but a seasoned catering company Melbourne has ensures providing an allowance needs for extra number of guests that could show up at an event.

Presence or Absence of Alcoholic Beverages

Not all corporate events have an open bar and business meetings or training seminars will hardly require alcoholic drinks to be supplied. In many cases however, many hosts like providing alcoholic beverages when holding events to appeal to new clients through their presentations. All this depends on the budget available, however.

Setting an Itinerary

Any business meeting will usually have several speakers and a couple of paper presentations. It is critical in such cases for a Melbourne catering firm to offer services that revolve around these activities as an illustration. The itinerary should particularly be set such that the caterer gets sufficient preparation time as to serve meals in orderly and efficient manner. Timings could change slightly, which makes it necessary keeping the caterers updated on how the meeting is going.

Providing a Diverse Menu

It is important that a service for catering in Melbourne provides a versatile menu comprising of different dietary options for example as a way of keeping guests captivated with the meals served at an event. A majority of people today take healthy eating very seriously and it makes sense to provide them with food options while having this in mind.

Impressing Guests

The host or corporate catering service can also place a sculpture that for pouring different kinds of drinks as a way of complementing the event with a unique touch. Various types of desserts can also be provided to make the ball even more memorable.

Giving a Personal Touch

Nametags can be placed at each table to impart a personal touch to sit-down dinners as an example. This can make guests to feel welcome at an event and can be utilized as conversation starters.

Using Eye-Catching Linen

Linen of good quality can have great visual impact when used on tables. One should select linen that exhibits elegant design and texture. The linen chosen for a given event needs to have a specific theme that is connected to event.

Corporate events get planned for different purposes. Some of them are organized to impress clients and others as treats for employees upon completing a significant project or for celebrating a milestone. This makes it necessary for corporate entities situated in and around Melbourne to for instance consider utilizing professional help from a Melbourne catering company.

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