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Is It Still Important to Play with Toys?


Playtime has truly evolved. It’s evident in the plethora of virtual entertainment for kids today. As a result, it’s easy to underestimate the fun and the good in playing with toys.

What happened to playing with toys?

Researchers Melissa and Doug and Gallup found that children today are more fond of screen-based play. It means they prefer iPads to toys (indoor screen-free play) and outdoor games (outdoor screen-free play).

While some kids still adore LEGO bricks and trampolines, it is clear that virtual entertainment is more enticing for them.

Importance of playing with toys

When it comes to playtime, balance is important. Screen-based play provides children and parents with many benefits such as convenience. Yet, these should not cancel out the importance of playing with toys and outdoor games. Those offer crucial advantages.

Here are some benefits of playing with toys.

1. Develops problem-solving skills

The world is a garden where problems bloom all season. Playing with toys is a good means to equip them with good problem-solving skills. For instance, how can they build a sturdy LEGO tower that won’t topple? Toys like LEGO bricks encourage kids to think critically and generate solutions.

2. Encourages teamwork & communication

The right toys will encourage kids to approach others and share their strategies. Verbal communication is a crucial skill. A sharpened verbal skill will benefit them in schools, outdoor activities, and beyond.

In addition, they must not be hesitant to dabble in friendly competition. Soon, they will learn about the concept of winning and losing. So, encourage your kids to play toys with other kids. This is a good way of introducing them to those two inevitable factors of life.

3. Accelerates brain development

Gender-neutral toys (LEGO, Minecraft toys, musical instruments, etc.) develop kids’ brain faster than gender-specific toys.

For example, the University of California found that music accelerates babies’ brain development. The National Association of Music Merchants Foundation (NAMM) also observed that kids who learned musical instruments were skilled at Maths.

So, when you’re shopping for toys, it’s better to opt for neutral ones.

4. Develops hand-eye coordination

Babies have underdeveloped eyesight. So, their hand-eye coordination doesn’t work so well, too.

To help them develop their hand-eye coordination, introduce them to a set of different basic toys like balls. As they grip a ball, they learn the use of their hands, thus improving their hand-eye coordination.

There you have it. These are the underrated but crucial benefits of playing with toys. Your children would definitely miss out if they keep ignoring their toys.

Overall, playtime should consist of a mix between screen-based, indoor- and outdoor screen-free play.

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