How to Save Yourself from the Stress of Party Planning

If you are currently planning a party or any special occasion, stress is a huge part of the process. With so many details to consider and make sure they are properly aligned, it is easy to get stressed out. This is why a Perth party hire service was created. They are services provided by professional event coordinators and planners with the organizational skills and experience needed to ensure that you can get a party that wows your guests.

Party Planning Experience

One of the most obvious benefits to working with a Perth party hire company is the ability to leverage their experience. The more experience you have when it comes to planning a party, the more opportunity you have to correct any mistakes you have done in the past. You would not want to make that risk on your party. Therefore, you should use their experience to your advantage because they know what could go wrong.

Aside from having experience and knowledge when it comes to planning parties, another benefit is the ability to use their organizational skill. These expert party planners can help you when organizing the major details of the party such as renting or hiring equipment to the smallest details like arrangement of the décor. Any small detail can make or break your party so you need to give it the attention it deserves.

Access to Party Planning Equipment

The party equipment needed to host and organize a party is one of the factors that can cause the budget to go up quickly. Therefore, you need to take advantage of the opportunity to rent the equipment you need from a party hire company. Most of these companies offer a comprehensive party planning solution that includes renting out equipment for party needs.

Cost of Party Hire

The cost of hiring a party hire service is one of the biggest concerns for those planning a party. This is a legitimate consideration because you want to stick to your budget. Thankfully, there are a variety of options that it is easy to narrow down your choices based on which company you can afford. Avoid choosing a party hire company based solely on the upfront fees. You need to look at the overall value of their services, such as the inclusions. You could end up saving more when you get to avail of the party equipment and décor that you can use along with their service compared to renting them yourself.

Aside from saving on party equipment hire, the company you hire will also take care of the handling of the equipment. They will be responsible for transporting the equipment to the venue and for restoration of the venue when the party is done. This will also add to your savings because you no longer have to rent a truck to carry them to the venue.

When it comes to choosing the best Perth party hire, there is one name that comes to mind: Swan Event Hire. This is a big name in the industry specializing in all kinds of occasion – birthdays, corporate events and weddings. To see their range of services, visit

6 Practical Reasons Why You Should Buy a Food Dehydrator

Since ancient times, drying food under the scorching heat of the sun and the wind has been practiced to prevent spoilage. This, for the matter, has been regarded as the earliest method to preserving food, thus helping your ancestors manage through famines and droughts. Fortunately, modern day’s technology has made the long and tedious process easier and effective. With the use of Food Dehydrators, you can dry food with regulated temperature for a better tasting result. This convenient electronic equipment uses both heat and air to take out moisture and water content from food, making it virtually impossible for mould, yeast, and bacteria to flourish and thrive. Thus, explains why this is a great way to keep your foodstuff from spoiling.

Food Dehydrators



Keep your food for a longer time. Enjoy fun fares such as banana chips and energy bites, and make healthy snacks for your kids and yourself. With the Food Dehydrators Australia stores offer, you can reduce food wastage and save money. Click here Raw Blend

If you want to know more why this particular appliance is a great addition to your kitchen, then you may continue reading:


You can use Food Dehydrators to dry out vegetables, fruits, and meats, creating a naturally concentrated and delicious tasting food. Since you are making and preparing your own food, you know that what you are serving at the table is of quality and freshness.


You will never throw away food again. When you dry leftover fruits and vegetables, you can prolong their shelf life for up to two years. You can buy fresh fruits and dehydrate them for future purposes. Afterwards, you can rehydrate foodstuff by simply adding water. So have enough supply for you to enjoy stews, soups, and casseroles all year long.


The food you are drying is 100 percent natural. Since you do not lose any nutritional content during the drying process, you are guaranteed of a perfectly healthy meal without any harmful chemicals used as preservatives.


You can save money by buying unhealthy snacks from the supermarkets. The Food Dehydrators in Australia are created to give you a healthier alternative. You can create your own snacks in a dash. Enjoy sultanas, dried herbs, and chips all you want. You also have the assurance that these are free from added sugars, trans fat, and sulfur dioxide.

On the other hand, you can buy fruits and vegetables in bulk and store them after drying. Since this electronic appliance is energy-efficient, you can expect a lower energy bill this time.


If you have tried drying food in the oven, then imagine the frustration you get after finding it charred. Additionally, you may also get a higher energy cost afterward. However, with Food Dehydrators, you can control the temperatures for drying vegetables and fruits through an adjustable thermostat.


Whether you have fruit leathers in mind or probably want to snack on tasty veggie chips, this machine may practically offer you a solution to your hunger pangs. In fact, you can try out numerous things to create with this equipment.

With its so many uses, you can never go wrong when you get this electronic appliance added to your kitchen. Not only will this free up storage space, you will also have a safe method of storing food. And since this is fool-proof, you will find this simple and very easy to use.

For the best food dehydrators Australia distributors like Raw Blend offers you the finest brands in the market. Check these out now.

Health and Wellness Aids: Benefits of Consuming Spirulina

What is Spirulina? Spirulina is natural blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) which usually grow in ponds and other bodies of fresh water. It gets its energy source from the sun through the process of photosynthesis. It is known for its rich source of amino acids and is usually sold in powder and tablet forms. It is best to buy organic spirulina from trusted natural foods dealer in Australia to ensure optimum benefits.

Why Should You Eat Spirulina?

Many studies have shown that spirulina is full of essential nutrients needed by the body. Aside from its energy giving nutrients, it has other benefits, given that you only buy organic spirulina Australia has in store. Click here The Raw Deal

  • A Great Source of Nutrients

Because of the abundance of nutrients present in spirulina, it is considered as one of the most nutrient-dense foods worldwide. It is a great source of protein, iron, B vitamins, and calcium. It is also a great source of vitamin C, vitamin D, A, E, potassium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, selenium, and zinc.

Spirulina is said to be a great source of protein and amino acids, including an essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from this, spirulina also contains a high level of omega-3, 6, and 9.

  • May Help Diabetics and Hypertensive People

There are some studies which show that spirulina may give a lot of benefits for people with diabetes and hypertension. Because of its high level of GLA, it is said to lower blood sugar and HDL cholesterol. Added to this is the variety of vitamins and minerals found in this superfood.

  • Contains Powerful Antioxidants

Spirulina is not only rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). It is also an excellent source of phycocyanin, an antioxidant which is a potent anti-inflammatory. According to various studies, spirulina has a 24,000 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value. ORAC values are measured to determine the antioxidant concentration of different foods. Just make sure that you only buy organic spirulina in Australia to ensure that you get the most nutrients needed by your body.

  • A Natural Detox

As long as you buy organic spirulina harvested from a clean source, you can get the optimum benefits from this superfood. It is said to bind heavy metals in the body, making them easier to get rid of. Spirulina contains an extremely high level of chlorophyll, which is very much beneficial in the body in terms of detoxification.

  • High Energy Source

Aside from spirulina’s high antioxidant content, it is also known to help burn fat during exercise, increase endurance, and reduce exercise-induced oxidation which results to muscle fatigue and damage. Just make sure to do a little research on various brands of spirulina before deciding to cheap buy organic spirulina Australia has to offer..

Best Buying Guide

Whether you choose to buy organic spirulina in powder or capsule form, ensuring that you know the brand’s reputation in the industry will keep you from buying inauthentic spirulina products. Look for legitimate vegan or organic stores in Australia, one of which is , to make sure that you buy and consume only the most trustworthy products.

A Treat from the Japanese Cuisine

Bangkok has attracted tourists for a long time because of its beautiful atmosphere, exotic beaches and sumptuous food. You can find all types of cuisines in Bangkok – from local to international ones. No matter what kind of food you like, if you are a major foodie, Bangkok would never disappoint you. And especially if you are a Japanese cuisine lover, then you can also find a good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok who can serve real Japanese food in an ambience which is possibly no less than the ambience in Japan. Some restaurants even display wax replicas of the popular dishes which enhance the decor and simultaneously helps the foreign tourists who have no knowledge about Japanese food by showing the visual description of the style and main ingredients of the meal.

Essential Features

A good restaurant would always pay much attention to customer service besides serving lip smacking food. It would have attentive and helpful waiter services along with maintaining hygiene and choosing the best quality ingredients for preparing each dish. The set up of a good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok  should also be very enticing yet calm and serene. It should also combine formal and a joyful aura while making the seating arrangement which should necessarily have a sushi bar, grill tables and teppanyaki rooms. There may also be arrangements for private rooms with conventional tatami seating. The menu should be large enough so that all types of customers can choose their preferences from it and contain some of the traditional dishes such as:

  • Sushi which is the raw fish served on seasoned rice and can come with a myriad of flavours.
  • Ramen is normally egg noodles, which are originally imported from China and the Japanese have made them delicious in their own style, and it is normally served with various soups like tonkatsu, Fukuoka or miso.
  • Unagi is an authentic Japanese delicacy with eel fish grilled over charcoal and topped with barbeque sauce and this is available in any good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok  in the months of May to October.
  • Tempura which is light and crunchy batter coated and deep fried seafood or veggies in sesame oil.
  • Soba is particularly the staple of Japanese cuisine, which includes thin buckwheat noodles served with shrimps.
  • Tonkatsu is breaded and deep fried pork cutlet and there are many such tasty dishes served in Japanese restaurants.

They should make allowance for a la carte items, meals for lunch and dinner as well as buffet menus, which are gaining popularity these days.

Japanese cuisine is the second most popular cuisine among inhabitants of Bangkok after Thai cuisine, and this has caused a plethora of restaurants to serve authentic Japanese food with their major territory around Silom and Sukhumvit. These restaurants try to make the best possible endeavour to prepare and serve food of standard, matching those served normally in Tokyo or Osaka. Some of the restaurants even allow their customers to have a visual treat as well where they can see the meat or fish being grilled and cooked in front of them. The restaurants must have special menus for occasions besides having the provision for traditionally delectable Japanese food.

Why Metal Corks Make the Best Wine Stoppers

bottle tops for sale for all businesses nationwide

To what extent do the wine closures matter to you? Is it a factor in the kinds of wine that you will purchase? Out of preference or perhaps romanticism, some will stick to the good old cork no matter what. One rapidly emerging trend is the use of bottle tops for sale for all businesses nationwide in stoppering the wines.

Even the most conservative vintners are embracing these because they offer plenty of advantages over the good old corks. The corks have been deployed in stoppering the wines for thousands of years. Even though they are efficient in keeping wine in good condition for thousands of years, they also have certain disadvantages.

One of the most common is tainting. Cork has a compound called TCA which will offer you corked wines a cardboard taste. Cork is after all made from the barks of the cork oak trees and is usually harvested through a skilled and labor intensive process without felling tree. As a result, cork is generally more expensive and will make your corked wine a little more expensive than metallic closures.

But there are many advantages why you should consider the metallic stoppers. Here are a few reasons:

It is cheaper

Harvesting cork is a very labor intensive process and thus, expect cork to be a more costly option for packaging your wines. Metallic closures are, on the other hand, a low cost option. With elegant metallic fabrication, you can have metallic closures for your beer and wines that offer great efficiency and do not necessarily make your products look cheap.

They are more practical

The bottle tops for sale for all businesses nationwide are generally a more practical option for stoppering your wine and beer bottles. Advances in technology mean that you can easily apply them on your bottles with relative efficacy. This in turn lowers your labor and material costs and increases your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Zero risk of contamination

As has been stated above, one of the main drawbacks of the use of corks as wine stoppers is the effect of the TCA that will leave a musty state on your wine. It has been estimated that there was a time when up to 10% of wine bottles were affected by the TCA contamination.

If you are worried about the potential effects of TCA contamination which might make consumers assume that your wines are of poor quality, it is time to embrace alternative stoppering techniques such as the metallic caps.

Your wine will taste like a wet and soggy cardboard. With the metallic closures, you run zero risk of contamination and can keep your wine for the longest duration while completely preserving its taste and integrity.

Preserve aromatic freshness

With the metallic screw caps, the aromatic freshness of your wines is 100% preserved. If your wine tastes nice at the time of bottling, it will remain so for the duration of its shelf life. This assures of your customers of excellent value. They get the taste that they deserve.

Screw Caps are Popular in Australia and New Zealand

While many conservative vintners in the old wine regions have stuck to the cork through thick and thin, many modern vintners are embracing the many advantages that are to be derived from the use of the screw caps or the metallic caps.

The phenomenon is particularly common in Australia and New Zealand where bottle tops for sale for all businesses nationwide are used by wine makers on the most premium wines along with the super-premium wines sold in these countries and abroad.

Want to be cork-free today? Check out wine and beer closure options which are offered by company also does professional the printing and decorations on your closures.

Business Ideas 101: How to Start a Food Business

Expobar Coffee Machine

The food and beverage industry is a stable business industry with many big shot companies. There are plenty of food chains and cafes that are very famous worldwide that earn millions annually. This type of enterprise has a really good potential of making money. However, it also has a very stiff competition. This is why you need the best service, best equipment like an Expobar Coffee Machine for cafes, and best strategy to implement.

Before you can start a venture of your own, it is perfectly normal to have your mind plagued with questions like where to even begin. Fortunately, you can count on this guide to know the right steps to take. Here are some important steps on what to do before starting a food business.

Find Your Choice of Niche

Food and Beverage —this label is very broad. It can be a pizzeria, a coffee shop, a burger stall and more. You have to be more specific about the type of food business that you want to be in. Narrow down your menu to the type of food you want to offer to your clients. Furthermore, you should choose your speciality of the house. For cafes, you can prepare handcrafted beverages of your own recipe using the Expobar Coffee Machine you have. Meanwhile, for snack bars, you can create your own sauce or dish that will attract more visitors later on.

Partner with Good Suppliers

When you have chosen your niche, you can then start shopping for your resources. Aside from your supplier of raw materials, you also need to find producers of the equipment you will be using; pans, tables, and even coasters. There are tons of suppliers like Sirius Coffee that has both the products you need and the tools such as a cheap Expobar Coffee Machine. You might try to look for local suppliers first for a cheaper price. For Australian-based restaurants, you can easily look for an Expobar Coffee Machine in Australia in those local shops you can find around.

Finalise Your Business Plan

After organising the initial details of your business, you can slowly work out your final business plan. When doing so, you have to be decided on your final Expobar Coffee Machine Australia supplier, final menu, and the number of manpower you will be hiring. The details should be refined and well thought out to ensure that your venture would be a success. Remember that your final business plan is what you will be following once your business is up and running.

At the end of the day, how you start your food business is still up to you. This article is just a guide on the ideal steps to take when building your business from scratch. Talking it out with other experienced restaurateurs can be very helpful to you. They can give you a good advice where to get supplies like a good Expobar coffee machine or what type of food you should prepare. Remember the tips and ideas mentioned above to have a smoother business planning for your startup food investment. Visit

Why Most People Find Banana Bread a Health Boost

What you eat can be a health boost or health bomb. If you want to stay healthy, you should always consider the nutritional value of the ingredients that make what you eat. Most people today have embraced the need to include banana bread in their breakfast. This bread has been considered highly nutritive and healthy especially for the children and the aged. Although the banana bread Woolworths has today contains other ingredients, bananas are in large quantities. The popularity of banana bread has increased because bananas have the following health benefits:

They promote weight loss

By the time you have eaten banana bread for a week; you will have consumed and assimilated several grams of bananas in your body. Bananas are known to contain large quantities of calories and fiber. Bananas inhibit the release of a hunger hormone called ghrelin that prevents you from feeling hungry. This means you would not spend much of your time eating and this eventually leads to weight loss. Eating banana bread Woolworths has today daily could be an effective way of losing weight naturally.

Formation of stronger bones

Bananas are important in the formation of healthy and stronger bones. Bananas naturally contain fructooligosaccharide that most medical experts term a probiotic. Probiotic helps in the formation of beneficial bacteria that is mostly found in the digestive tract. These bacteria enhance the absorption of minerals such as calcium among other nutrients. Calcium is a crucial mineral in the formation and re-growth of bone matter. This eventually reduces natural weakness due to aging and minimizes chances of developing osteoporosis. For this reason, you should not take for granted those banana bread Woolworths pastry shops have to offer. Check Country Chef for more details.

Reduces constipation

The dietary fiber the bananas contain is essential in smoothing bowel movements. Actually, bananas relieve constipation by pushing out stubborn stools. The main role of the fiber in bananas is bulking up the stool and stimulating the peristaltic motion of the body. When this happens, the intestinal disorders are treated and the bowel movement in the intestinal tract is enhanced. Eating bread of bananas is, therefore, crucial. For the days you won’t be eating this bread, you could go for a recipe for scones since they also reduce digestive conditions that are unhealthy.

Healthy eyes

Anything you eat that boosts the health of your eyes is worth eating. Bananas contain carotenoids and antioxidant compounds that are important to the health of your eyes. Besides these compounds, bananas have other minerals you need for good sight. People who don’t take adequate foods like bananas that boost eye health are prone to develop glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration with time. If you know how to make scones, you may also grind ripe bananas and mix with the dough.

If you have never bought banana bread for your family, you don’t know what they have been missing. You can either buy this bread from a supermarket or bake it at home if you have enough baking skills. People who know how to make pavlova dessert may know how they should prepare bananas to make this delicious bread. It is advisable to introduce your children to this bread while they are still young if you want them to be healthy.

Perfect Function Venue for Every Occasion

Are you having a party, reunion, businesses meeting or conference, family gathering, social or sporting group function, awards or sporting ceremony, school graduation, dinner function, and the likes? It is an overwhelming task being in charge especially if you’re not sure of the kind of space best suited for your function. A venue can make or break your event. However, finding the perfect venue isn’t really time-consuming. Function venues Healesville has today accommodate different crowd sizes and types of celebration or occasion.

Located an hour from Melbourne, in the centre of the premier food and wine district, Yarra Valley;  Healesville is very popular because of its animal sanctuary. It also offers antique shops, galleries and street markets that feature works of local artists. It is precisely this location of Healesville that makes it a top choice for a relaxing atmosphere which special events need in the first place.

What is a perfect function space?

Among the many function venues available for events, here is something to make it easy for you.

A relaxed, seated or standing venue is ideal for a family gathering, a birthday, an engagement party, wakes, bus tours, business and corporate functions and social groups. Look for a venue with an approximate size of 22m x 10m. This accommodates 110 seated guests and 100-200 standing guests. Usually a finger food menu is the perfect menu for these types of casual events. However, the food is really all up to you.

If you want a chic décor and have a splendid environment with a private bar and restrooms, function venues Healesville has now are just perfect. Ideal for a birthday party, business and post conference drinks and business breakfast functions, have your event in style. Find venues for hire with an approximate size of 21 metres x 9 metres which has a seating capacity of 70. When you choose to have your guests standing,  this same space can accommodate 120.

The terrific news is top-notch venues for hire Healesville has for options when it comes to the earliest time they can serve you is 6 am. Together with a versatile price structure and menus ranging from finger food function menu, carvery function menu, BBQ buffet function menu and plated service function menu; your event is going to turn out into a smooth and professionally run event. Function venues also have a data projector, whiteboard, microphone, screen, TV monitor and lectern and everything to make your event a success.

More reminders in choosing a function venue

1. Talk with the manager about catering, decoration, service, entertainment and others so there are no surprises in billing.

2. If in your event you are not sure of the exact number of guests,  choose a roomy function venue instead.

3. Ask about a room layout. This depends on how you want your guests to interact. Do you need a boardroom layout, dining layout, cabaret style or a lecture space?

If you’re looking for the best among the function venues Healesville has to offer, Function Venue Healesville welcomes enquiries. Their friendly, professional staff can advise you on all the options so you can have a memorable event. For further information see

Types of water filters available

Since the millennium drought in Australia, a water filter has become a very important part of everyone’s life. This is because water treatment has become a vital issue for the past one decade and hence, the government in Australia is focusing on improving means of providing clean water to drink. Not only that, more people are buying water filters as it is a device which helps in removing impurities from water. This is done by using a physical barrier, a chemical, or a biological procedure. Water filters clean water depending on the type of water filter and the purpose of filtration. The purposes may vary from agricultural irrigation to the purification of drinking water and many others.

Water filters in Prestons

If you live in the suburbs of Sydney, you will be able to get several types of water filter Prestons wide, as you will come across several outlets which sell water filters of different types, each serving a different, distinct purpose.

The Prestons water filter stores have a fairly good range of different models and designs. In order to know what type of water filteryou need or which type will suit your requirements, you should know about the different water filter models available in the Prestons outlets.

water filter

Activated carbon filters

These are also called carbon filters or pre filters. They help in removing large particles such as sediment and silt from water. These filters work by absorbing the particles until they are no longer present in the water. This form of water filter also ensures that the water you obtain has much less odor and also has better taste. This occurs on account of the reduction in the chlorine amounts and the amounts of other contaminants. If present, these substances make the water unpleasant to drink.

Reverse osmosis

This is a very common and popular form of water filter. It is capable of removing all forms of contaminants present in water, which may lead to health hazards on consumption. The water obtained as an end result is pure, clear and free from odor. The process of reverse osmosis filtration is utilized in this form of water filter.

Alkaline/Water ionizers

This type of water filter incorporates a process called electrolysis. This implies that the water gets passed over some plates which are charged electrically. The water is separated into two streams. One of the streams is alkaline while the other is acidic in nature. As a result, you get softer water. The water is also low in acidity which is good for your skin.

UV filters

These water filters are manufactured using the newest technologies related to water filtration. UV radiation is utilized for treating water, which destroys several forms of bacteria which may cause health hazards on consumption. This is the latest form of water filter and an environmentally friendly approach is taken for the purification of water. It does not require any kind of chemical or extra heat to function.

Infrared filters

Similar to alkaline filters, infrared filters are also used to soften water. In case you live in an area where the water is hard, you should choose this type of water filter. The water is negatively charged and made softer.

You should choose the best water filter which satisfies your requirements. If you want to buy a water filter, you can check out this link ( for more information.

Easy But Fancy Finger Food Recipes to Try On Your Next Party

When you are planning an event, food is integral to that planning process. Without good food, your guests will remember that about your party no matter how much effort you’ve exerted in decorating the venue. Thus, you need to come up with unique but fun ideas when it comes to hiring finger food catering Melbourne has to offer. Even for corporate occasions, choosing a finger food menu will appeal to everyone because the food is easy to eat and provides your guests the opportunity to sample a whole lot of different types of food (rather than enjoying one big meal).


Just because you are serving finger food recipes with the help of event catering Melbourne has today, it does not mean that you are scrimping on the food choices. These finger food recipe ideas are as fancy as a five-star main course!

Mushroom and Goat Cheese Bruschetta

There are several types of bruschetta recipes you can try, which makes it a good choice for caterers that specialize in cheap catering Melbourne has today. But this recipe idea elevates a regular bruschetta with sophisticated tastes coming from the mushroom and goat cheese toppings. It is also easy to assemble so your caterer will have no trouble preparing them for a massive guest list.

Spicy Shrimp Salsa

This colorful salsa recipe will satisfy the eyes and taste buds of your guests. This is also a very simple recipe to follow that you can recommend when you hire finger food catering Melbourne has today. The shrimp is cooked separately while the salsa is mixed on a bowl with fresh herbs and spices. Adding the radish provides a crunchy texture, which will blend perfectly with the soft and juicy shrimps.

Chicken Ham Pinwheels

If you are looking for something savory to serve your guests, ask your cook to include this in the menu. The best catering Melbourne CBD has to offer will easily adapt this dish into your party menu. It is also a staple in many buffet tables all over the world. The chicken and ham are rolled into one so you can enjoy both savory flavors in one bite. It might be a small serving but a few bites will no doubt leave you feeling full. See more at Essential Caterer

Parmesan Toast

The concept of this dish is more like a bruschetta since it uses a French bread topped with choice ingredients. However, this one is more focused on letting the taste of the parmesan shine through. It is also made of a crispier texture, which is great for those looking for texture in their food.

Blue Cheese Turkey Rolls

Rolls are another classic in buffet tables and should be incorporated when you work with finger food catering Melbourne has to offer. The turkey rolls are easy-to-bite pieces great for fancy dinners and social soirees. Meanwhile, the use of blue cheese provides that tangy aftertaste that will elevate the flavor of this dish! The use of blue cheese alone screams fancy food as you need to have an acquired taste to appreciate it. For more details, just visit


Six Ways with Gourmet Dukkah

The Dukkah is an Egyptian spice blend that has been around since the ancient times. The blend is generally made from various mixtures of seeds, herbs, spices as well as various kinds of nuts. For generations, it had always been used an appetizer. Today, in many gourmet treats in Australia and internationally, it is mainly used as a dry dip. When served, it is combined with olive oil, nut oil or even vinegar. The Dukkah is a top favorite for many Australians looking for some exotic gourmet condiments. Due to this popularity, you can now find many Australian companies making the Dukkah including the Sticky Fingers Food Wholesalers.

There are many reasons why the Dukkah is such a popular and much beloved spice blend in Australia.  It has a very warm and aromatic mixture that many gourmands find quite addictive. As they say, once you try out the Dukkah, you will always want more and more of it.  It is generally served with olive oil and Turkish bread. Some more creative food lovers also sprinkle it on various kinds of other foods such as vegetable salads, roasted vegetables and even feta cheese.

The Sticky Fingers Food Wholesalers Dukkah is just perfect for the dry dips and has been lovingly handmade from seeds and nuts to create a truly fragrant mixture. This can be dipped in canola oil or flavoured olive oil so as to ensure that you get a good coating of the Dukkah and enjoy it fully.

Here are some five ways in which you can serve this delicious gourmet finger food:

#1 The Dukkah with Turkish bread

Serve it with some olive oil as well as some warm Turkish bread. You can break off pieces of the Turkish bread, dip them in the olive oil and then dip them in Dukkah for a good coating. Add some beer or wine on top.

#2 With pork, meat balls or chicken

If you want a mince mixture, you add some Dukkah before you shape the meatballs. This will give them a rich flavour that is a little spicy and nutty.

#3 Use to coat meats

If you want to add a spicy and crunchy coating to your roast meat, you can sprinkle some Dukkah on top. You can especially, try this out with the Garlic Dukkah. Order some of these from the Sticky Fingers Food Wholesalers.

#4 Serve with pastry bread

If you want to give that pastry bread some Middle Eastern Flavour as well as a nutty coating or texture, you can add some Dukkah to it.

#5 Serve with salad

You can use Dukkah as a topping to your salad which consists of olive oil, green lettuces, lemon and hard-boiled eggs. This can be served with Turkish bread. Try this out for a truly delicious vegetarian meal.

#6 Serving with Italian Brussels Sprouts

The sprouts are boiled well until they are very tender. When they are still hot, you can add some Italian salad and then sprinkle some Garlic Dukkah from the Sticky Fingers Food Wholesalers for a truly delicious and flavoured meal. There are plenty of other creative recipes out there that you can serve with the Dukkah. Try them out for a truly delicious gourmet taste.

Having Yummy Cupcakes: sweet feelings you get!

 For those who have a sweet tooth would agree that having a delicious and yummy cupcake with your cup of tea or coffee once in a while is fulfilling.  Cupcakes can be bought from a bakery store, baked at home or bought at a person’s favorite coffee shop.  Cupcakes can be baked for different occasions such as during valentine’s celebrations, during Christmas celebrations, at that corporate event meeting and even in wedding ceremonies.  There are those professionals who have been trained to specifically bake cupcakes.  These people can be found in different places and locations. For example, cupcakes in Sydney are baked from scratch by the use of the finest and latest ingredients.

Lovers of cupcakes know that there are different flavors of cupcakes. Some of these flavors are vanilla, red velvet, Nutella, banana, carrot chocolate, etc. The choice of flavor is determined by what a client wants.  Some cupcakes are made by the use of traditional recipes, and the results  turn out to be mouth watering cupcakes.  It is always advisable to have cupcakes freshly baked on the oven on a daily basis so as to avoid spoilage and give the clients that fresh bite of their lifetime.

Different ranges of cupcakes

Cupcakes in Sydney are classified in different ranges depending on the occasion, flavor and the blend.  One of the ranges of the cupcakes is the classic range.  This classic range of cupcakes is made with the use of ingredients such as butter, eggs, fresh fruits, pure vanilla extracts, and purees.  The flavors found in the classic range as well as the toppings are vanilla, red velvet, chocolate, coconut, lemon espresso, etc.   The classic cupcakes are the types of cupcakes that can be taken with that cup of coffee in any bakery daily.  The pricing for the classic cupcakes is 4 US dollars and above.

The petite cupcakes in Sydney are perfect for any type of celebration that a person might be having.  They are baked to be spongy and are normally kept moist, yet smooth and deliciously fluffy.   The petite cupcakes are normally baked and packed in mixed flavors and are usually sold in multiples of 12.  The topping of these cupcakes is done by the use of a buttercream.  The price range for these cupcakes starts from 18 US dollars.

  There is the celebration range of cupcakes.  These cupcakes are baked in different colors and themes so as to suit the occasion and event of the day.  They can be for different occasions such as birthdays or other party celebrations. The price range for them starts at 55 US dollars.  Lastly, there is the cakes range of cupcakes. These are baked to be moist and are filled with layers of buttercream.

 How to pick a cupcake flavor

 When choosing the flavor of cupcakes, it is always important to have some things in mind.  One of the things to have in mind is to always know what the cupcakes are for and what occasion is someone intending to celebrate.  Also, have in mind the color and the design of the cupcakes.

Health Benefits of Eating Pork Meat

There are many issues surrounding the consumption of pork meat including social, religious, and health contentions. However, when you visit porc website, you can discover important information to help you demystify the allegations associated with this kind of meat. Many people believe that pork is a common cause of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and more. Some religious groups also bar their members from consuming pork based on what they believe. However, with all the myths and beliefs surrounding its consumption, there are considerable health benefits of eating pork. Forget about what vegans and others tell, here are good reasons why you should eat pork meat.

Pork is rich in Thiamin: this element is very important for a healthy brain function. What more would you ask for if you or your child remembers everything, perhaps in class, with a well functioning brain? When you visit reliable sources for information about pork meat such as blog, you can discover vital information about the meat, its consumption, and about how you can make the best pork recipes.

Pork is low in salt: this is good news especially to those who experience kidney problems. Compared to other types of meat, pork contains a lower level of salt. The most important thing to do is find a company that can provide appropriate information about the product, such as When you get the right information, you can know how to develop heathly recipes with pork and its products.

Pork is rich in protein: protein is one of the foods for building the body and its muscles. Compared to other sources animal protein, pork contains a high number of calories. Just 100 grams is enough to provide half of what an adult person requires. Besides, the body can absorb pork meat easily compared to other types of animal protein. This is because the meat is lean and digestible.

Pork is rich in vitamin B12: vitamin B12 is the main element that vegans miss. When you eat pork, just a hundred grams of the meat is able to provide up to 70% of what you need of the element every day. By utilizing the appropriate information you get from reliable websites such as, you can learn how to make pulled pork and get the right calories for your body. With the experience and knowledge that such companies have, you can get valuable information to help you expel the myths associated with pork consumption. See Porc.Wales.

Pork is rich in zinc: zinc is an important mineral for the body and one of the sources is pork. Nutritionists suggest that pork is better in provision of zinc because the element, when derived from pork, is easily digestible by the body. It is only important that you get the right information on how you can use the right amount according to what your body requires. For that reason, you need to get information from reliable sources.

With these advantages, you can decide to visit your nearest grocer and order pork for your family or for your visitors. For more information about where you can get pork in Wales, visit

Sporting event catering: How much do you know it?

Numerous outdoor events occur in the midlands during the year. Despite the size of your customers, crew, and various artists, sporting event catering aims to provide you with quality services to entertain your guests. Apart from making your work easier and simpler, event catering helps you achieve customer satisfaction which is critical for you to realize a productive work. It takes more experience to make huge profits at a big festival and in some cases you can lose so much money before you can realize. Sporting events that will make you look for services of event caterers include: cricket, football, horse shows, motor sports regattas and much more. This article basically focuses on sporting event catering for running and cycling as explained below.


Each event usually has a particular range of client groups that prefer different menus; this makes running event catering a challenging service to plan and deliver for. Some of the paramount factors to be considered before catering for the athletes and their officials are:

·         Nutritional requirements

·         Religious backgrounds

·         Cultural requirements

Mostly, it’s because of the nature of different people from across the world who enjoy participating in the exciting athletics either as fans, athletes, and officials. The ability to ensure the athletes are provided with meals that are concise with their diet needs is essential for their final results in the events. Typically, athletes tend to have a strict diet plan hence meals should leave them energized and their bodies in good shape. Running event catering in the Midlands usually ensures that the unique requirements of runners such as pre-game breakfast and after game dinner are met which leaves the athletes satisfied and improves their performance.


Cyclists are subjected to burning more calories during the day since their bodies typically require a lot of calories to operate at maximum capacity. Cycling event catering in the Midlands ensures that the cyclists eat from the time they arise to the time the hit the sack just to keep their engines running. The precise calories are required to be easy digesting carbohydrates such as fruits and refined grains. Riders mostly prefer food that can be smashed into their particular pockets of a jersey because they can’t bike large chunks of food which are cumbersome. Energy bars and gels do not require chewing, hence just swallowing and some water simplifies the whole process of eating while riding by the cyclist. To reduce a burden of constant eating, cycling event caterers aim to make the riders meals interesting and delicious the way they want them. Satisfying the various desires of riders is also a challenge just to the cultural requirements by runners, as riders may prefer their local cuisine which makes the catering services provider to have the ability to prepare a wider range of cuisines to suit cyclist’s needs.


Everyone requires a good meal and perfect catering services when going out for sporting events. To get the best out of the various outdoor activities, you need professionals in sporting event catering to spice up the events and take the games to another level. For more details, just visit