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Six Ways with Gourmet Dukkah

The Dukkah is an Egyptian spice blend that has been around since the ancient times. The blend is generally made from various mixtures of seeds, herbs, spices as well as various kinds of nuts. For generations, it had always been used an appetizer. Today, in many gourmet treats in Australia and internationally, it is mainly used as a dry dip. When served, it is combined with olive oil, nut oil or even vinegar. The Dukkah is a top favorite for many Australians looking for some exotic gourmet condiments. Due to this popularity, you can now find many Australian companies making the Dukkah including the Sticky Fingers Food Wholesalers.

There are many reasons why the Dukkah is such a popular and much beloved spice blend in Australia.  It has a very warm and aromatic mixture that many gourmands find quite addictive. As they say, once you try out the Dukkah, you will always want more and more of it.  It is generally served with olive oil and Turkish bread. Some more creative food lovers also sprinkle it on various kinds of other foods such as vegetable salads, roasted vegetables and even feta cheese.

The Sticky Fingers Food Wholesalers Dukkah is just perfect for the dry dips and has been lovingly handmade from seeds and nuts to create a truly fragrant mixture. This can be dipped in canola oil or flavoured olive oil so as to ensure that you get a good coating of the Dukkah and enjoy it fully.

Here are some five ways in which you can serve this delicious gourmet finger food:

#1 The Dukkah with Turkish bread

Serve it with some olive oil as well as some warm Turkish bread. You can break off pieces of the Turkish bread, dip them in the olive oil and then dip them in Dukkah for a good coating. Add some beer or wine on top.

#2 With pork, meat balls or chicken

If you want a mince mixture, you add some Dukkah before you shape the meatballs. This will give them a rich flavour that is a little spicy and nutty.

#3 Use to coat meats

If you want to add a spicy and crunchy coating to your roast meat, you can sprinkle some Dukkah on top. You can especially, try this out with the Garlic Dukkah. Order some of these from the Sticky Fingers Food Wholesalers.

#4 Serve with pastry bread

If you want to give that pastry bread some Middle Eastern Flavour as well as a nutty coating or texture, you can add some Dukkah to it.

#5 Serve with salad

You can use Dukkah as a topping to your salad which consists of olive oil, green lettuces, lemon and hard-boiled eggs. This can be served with Turkish bread. Try this out for a truly delicious vegetarian meal.

#6 Serving with Italian Brussels Sprouts

The sprouts are boiled well until they are very tender. When they are still hot, you can add some Italian salad and then sprinkle some Garlic Dukkah from the Sticky Fingers Food Wholesalers for a truly delicious and flavoured meal. There are plenty of other creative recipes out there that you can serve with the Dukkah. Try them out for a truly delicious gourmet taste.

Having Yummy Cupcakes: sweet feelings you get!

 For those who have a sweet tooth would agree that having a delicious and yummy cupcake with your cup of tea or coffee once in a while is fulfilling.  Cupcakes can be bought from a bakery store, baked at home or bought at a person’s favorite coffee shop.  Cupcakes can be baked for different occasions such as during valentine’s celebrations, during Christmas celebrations, at that corporate event meeting and even in wedding ceremonies.  There are those professionals who have been trained to specifically bake cupcakes.  These people can be found in different places and locations. For example, cupcakes in Sydney are baked from scratch by the use of the finest and latest ingredients.

Lovers of cupcakes know that there are different flavors of cupcakes. Some of these flavors are vanilla, red velvet, Nutella, banana, carrot chocolate, etc. The choice of flavor is determined by what a client wants.  Some cupcakes are made by the use of traditional recipes, and the results  turn out to be mouth watering cupcakes.  It is always advisable to have cupcakes freshly baked on the oven on a daily basis so as to avoid spoilage and give the clients that fresh bite of their lifetime.

Different ranges of cupcakes

Cupcakes in Sydney are classified in different ranges depending on the occasion, flavor and the blend.  One of the ranges of the cupcakes is the classic range.  This classic range of cupcakes is made with the use of ingredients such as butter, eggs, fresh fruits, pure vanilla extracts, and purees.  The flavors found in the classic range as well as the toppings are vanilla, red velvet, chocolate, coconut, lemon espresso, etc.   The classic cupcakes are the types of cupcakes that can be taken with that cup of coffee in any bakery daily.  The pricing for the classic cupcakes is 4 US dollars and above.

The petite cupcakes in Sydney are perfect for any type of celebration that a person might be having.  They are baked to be spongy and are normally kept moist, yet smooth and deliciously fluffy.   The petite cupcakes are normally baked and packed in mixed flavors and are usually sold in multiples of 12.  The topping of these cupcakes is done by the use of a buttercream.  The price range for these cupcakes starts from 18 US dollars.

  There is the celebration range of cupcakes.  These cupcakes are baked in different colors and themes so as to suit the occasion and event of the day.  They can be for different occasions such as birthdays or other party celebrations. The price range for them starts at 55 US dollars.  Lastly, there is the cakes range of cupcakes. These are baked to be moist and are filled with layers of buttercream.

 How to pick a cupcake flavor

 When choosing the flavor of cupcakes, it is always important to have some things in mind.  One of the things to have in mind is to always know what the cupcakes are for and what occasion is someone intending to celebrate.  Also, have in mind the color and the design of the cupcakes.

Health Benefits of Eating Pork Meat

There are many issues surrounding the consumption of pork meat including social, religious, and health contentions. However, when you visit porc website, you can discover important information to help you demystify the allegations associated with this kind of meat. Many people believe that pork is a common cause of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and more. Some religious groups also bar their members from consuming pork based on what they believe. However, with all the myths and beliefs surrounding its consumption, there are considerable health benefits of eating pork. Forget about what vegans and others tell, here are good reasons why you should eat pork meat.

Pork is rich in Thiamin: this element is very important for a healthy brain function. What more would you ask for if you or your child remembers everything, perhaps in class, with a well functioning brain? When you visit reliable sources for information about pork meat such as blog, you can discover vital information about the meat, its consumption, and about how you can make the best pork recipes.

Pork is low in salt: this is good news especially to those who experience kidney problems. Compared to other types of meat, pork contains a lower level of salt. The most important thing to do is find a company that can provide appropriate information about the product, such as When you get the right information, you can know how to develop heathly recipes with pork and its products.

Pork is rich in protein: protein is one of the foods for building the body and its muscles. Compared to other sources animal protein, pork contains a high number of calories. Just 100 grams is enough to provide half of what an adult person requires. Besides, the body can absorb pork meat easily compared to other types of animal protein. This is because the meat is lean and digestible.

Pork is rich in vitamin B12: vitamin B12 is the main element that vegans miss. When you eat pork, just a hundred grams of the meat is able to provide up to 70% of what you need of the element every day. By utilizing the appropriate information you get from reliable websites such as, you can learn how to make pulled pork and get the right calories for your body. With the experience and knowledge that such companies have, you can get valuable information to help you expel the myths associated with pork consumption. See Porc.Wales.

Pork is rich in zinc: zinc is an important mineral for the body and one of the sources is pork. Nutritionists suggest that pork is better in provision of zinc because the element, when derived from pork, is easily digestible by the body. It is only important that you get the right information on how you can use the right amount according to what your body requires. For that reason, you need to get information from reliable sources.

With these advantages, you can decide to visit your nearest grocer and order pork for your family or for your visitors. For more information about where you can get pork in Wales, visit

Top Catering Tips for a Corporate Event

Corporate events are usually not low-key events, whatever the reasons for having one. As such, companies holding functions in Melbourne can contract top-rated Melbourne catering services for instance when seeking to impress guests in a particular way. The type of delicacies available and how they are served plays a key role in how the entire event turns out in the end. It is thus important for a catering firm to follow a number of crucial tips to ensure having a successful event.


Taking the Guest Count

The first thing is to know exactly how many guests are expected at the event. This number correlates to the budget planned for the occasion. One requires getting a headcount if possible when fixing the budget. Doing this facilitates the host to fix the venue appropriately and even know how to arrange the menu. Taking the headcount is not an end in itself, but a seasoned catering company Melbourne has ensures providing an allowance needs for extra number of guests that could show up at an event.

Presence or Absence of Alcoholic Beverages

Not all corporate events have an open bar and business meetings or training seminars will hardly require alcoholic drinks to be supplied. In many cases however, many hosts like providing alcoholic beverages when holding events to appeal to new clients through their presentations. All this depends on the budget available, however.

Setting an Itinerary

Any business meeting will usually have several speakers and a couple of paper presentations. It is critical in such cases for a Melbourne catering firm to offer services that revolve around these activities as an illustration. The itinerary should particularly be set such that the caterer gets sufficient preparation time as to serve meals in orderly and efficient manner. Timings could change slightly, which makes it necessary keeping the caterers updated on how the meeting is going.

Providing a Diverse Menu

It is important that a service for catering in Melbourne provides a versatile menu comprising of different dietary options for example as a way of keeping guests captivated with the meals served at an event. A majority of people today take healthy eating very seriously and it makes sense to provide them with food options while having this in mind.

Impressing Guests

The host or corporate catering service can also place a sculpture that for pouring different kinds of drinks as a way of complementing the event with a unique touch. Various types of desserts can also be provided to make the ball even more memorable.

Giving a Personal Touch

Nametags can be placed at each table to impart a personal touch to sit-down dinners as an example. This can make guests to feel welcome at an event and can be utilized as conversation starters.

Using Eye-Catching Linen

Linen of good quality can have great visual impact when used on tables. One should select linen that exhibits elegant design and texture. The linen chosen for a given event needs to have a specific theme that is connected to event.

Corporate events get planned for different purposes. Some of them are organized to impress clients and others as treats for employees upon completing a significant project or for celebrating a milestone. This makes it necessary for corporate entities situated in and around Melbourne to for instance consider utilizing professional help from a Melbourne catering company.

For more information, visit at

Sporting event catering: How much do you know it?

Numerous outdoor events occur in the midlands during the year. Despite the size of your customers, crew, and various artists, sporting event catering aims to provide you with quality services to entertain your guests. Apart from making your work easier and simpler, event catering helps you achieve customer satisfaction which is critical for you to realize a productive work. It takes more experience to make huge profits at a big festival and in some cases you can lose so much money before you can realize. Sporting events that will make you look for services of event caterers include: cricket, football, horse shows, motor sports regattas and much more. This article basically focuses on sporting event catering for running and cycling as explained below.


Each event usually has a particular range of client groups that prefer different menus; this makes running event catering a challenging service to plan and deliver for. Some of the paramount factors to be considered before catering for the athletes and their officials are:

·         Nutritional requirements

·         Religious backgrounds

·         Cultural requirements

Mostly, it’s because of the nature of different people from across the world who enjoy participating in the exciting athletics either as fans, athletes, and officials. The ability to ensure the athletes are provided with meals that are concise with their diet needs is essential for their final results in the events. Typically, athletes tend to have a strict diet plan hence meals should leave them energized and their bodies in good shape. Running event catering in the Midlands usually ensures that the unique requirements of runners such as pre-game breakfast and after game dinner are met which leaves the athletes satisfied and improves their performance.


Cyclists are subjected to burning more calories during the day since their bodies typically require a lot of calories to operate at maximum capacity. Cycling event catering in the Midlands ensures that the cyclists eat from the time they arise to the time the hit the sack just to keep their engines running. The precise calories are required to be easy digesting carbohydrates such as fruits and refined grains. Riders mostly prefer food that can be smashed into their particular pockets of a jersey because they can’t bike large chunks of food which are cumbersome. Energy bars and gels do not require chewing, hence just swallowing and some water simplifies the whole process of eating while riding by the cyclist. To reduce a burden of constant eating, cycling event caterers aim to make the riders meals interesting and delicious the way they want them. Satisfying the various desires of riders is also a challenge just to the cultural requirements by runners, as riders may prefer their local cuisine which makes the catering services provider to have the ability to prepare a wider range of cuisines to suit cyclist’s needs.


Everyone requires a good meal and perfect catering services when going out for sporting events. To get the best out of the various outdoor activities, you need professionals in sporting event catering to spice up the events and take the games to another level. For more details, just visit